Rainbow Babies – After the Storm – Specialist Newborn Photographer, Grimsby

Have you seen beautiful rainbow themed newborn images, heard the term ‘Rainbow Baby’ and wondered what it means? You wouldn’t be the only one.

Having posted our fair share of rainbow baby newborn images, we were surprised to find out just how many people weren’t sure what it meant.

A rainbow baby is the baby that comes after a couple have sadly lost a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death during infancy. So in effect, the rainbow after the storm. A way of remembering the baby that was lost, whilst still being able to celebrate the joy of the new arrival. A family expecting a rainbow baby may go through very strong emotions, more fear than usual over their pregnancy, scared that the same result may happen again. Guilt is common too and grief over the baby that never was. Every situation is different, and while not everyone chooses to remember their baby in this way, for others it is a huge comfort to acknowledge and name their situation, so much so that there is now a National Rainbow baby day, held on the 22nd of August each year.

One way of celebrating the new arrival whilst still acknowledging their loss is having a rainbow themed newborn session. We get a lot of requests from families with rainbow babies who see it as a moving tribute to the child that was lost, whilst also showing the love and joy for the chid they have now been blessed with.There are lots of gorgeous rainbow props available and we always find beautiful ways to create incredible and memorable images, that will be treasured for a lifetime, in our Grimsby studio.

People expecting a Rainbow baby may also find they want to discuss the baby they have lost, their thoughts and feelings on the new arrival, make sense of their emotions. There are many groups available to do just that:

Facebook support groups –






And if you have a friend who is expecting a rainbow baby, don’t be afraid to discuss it with them if they need to. Let them chat about their loss. Their fears. Their love for their rainbow after the storm.

Another lovely aspect to any newborn session could be the inclusion of your pet! If you’d like to know more about how that can work, take a look at this great blog by J’Adore Photography, a family Photographer in Falkirk.

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