Wrapping is a vital tool used by newborn photographers to calm, settle, soothe, and pose newborns.

New babies cannot control their limb movements, and it is this that can often unsettle a baby and prevent sleep.

That flailing of arms and legs can leave a baby feeling exposed and miserable. Swaddle them and they calm. So we as professionals use their innate need to be safe and warm to our advantage.

We have developed ways to make wrapping look beautiful and creative while we gently pose, and to keep our tiny clients settled for their session.

Its very rare a newborn will happily go through a full session without needing to be swaddled at least some of the time.

It’s simply something that they need to feel secure.

Mastering it opens up endless creative possibilities in your sessions, but mostly it arms you with skills you’ll need to run a session smoothly.

This a full day class with two models.

In the morning I will show you all the techniques, and in the afternoon you will learn on a real baby because I am a firm believer in 'doing' to really learn a new hands on skill.

The cost for the whole day is £595 (£449 to Subscription Members).


My Masterclass will teach you wrapping in depth, rather than as a small part of a course where you have to remember it all.

I’ll teach you:


  • How to wrap safely.
  • How to wrap for comfort.
  • How to use a wrap to create different poses and styles.
  • What fabrics to use and when.
  • How to use a base wrap to transition between props.
  • How to use a wrap to pose on a posing table/beanbag