As we slide into 2022 with renewed hope for a better year after Covid, we are thwarted by new challenges. Higher costs of living, fuel and energy prices sky high, and to top it all off, we now have a dreadful and unjust war in Europe making us all feel sad.

Times are hard, and not even the promise of spring can change that. But life goes on, and for many, a new baby awaits. For everyone due this year it will undoubtedly be a challenge on some level, regardless of your situation, but for some who may be finding life tougher than most right now, it may be a real test of character and strength.

So here at Maddy Rogers Photography we have decided to gift a deserving family a full newborn session and a complete gallery of images. Completely free.

We would like to gift this to someone due this year who YOU think really does deserve this for any reason.

You will need to nominate your chosen person in the COMMENTS section on this post. Carefully explain to us why you think they deserve this opportunity, and when we close the competition we will read though and choose who we think is the worthy winner.


  1. You must send us a message on our FACEBOOK PAGE before posting here in the comments and use your name so we can reply to you via FACEBOOK if your chosen family win.
  2. Please ask permission to nominate your chosen family before entering them. Some peoples situations are private and not for sharing.
  3. Please do not give out sensitive information about your chosen family. First names are fine, and if we choose yours we will ask you for contact details to get in touch with them.
  4. Please make sure your chosen family would like to win this prize! Not everyone likes what we do, and we’d like to gift this to a family who really would love to win.
  5. You cannot nominate yourself.
  6. You cannot nominate anyone who has already HAD their baby…..this if for a family DUE a baby this year.

36 responses

  1. I would like to nominate my sister & her family.
    She does an amazing job being a mummy to her 2 older girls & her newborn twin sons.
    She never gets time to herself, so I think it would be a fab idea to nominate her so she can have a pamper and me time before the photos.
    Also I would nominate them as they havent had chances to get photos before

    1. I would love to nominate my sister, she has been through so many struggles with this pregnancy & hasn’t been able to enjoy it as much as she should of been able to! She is due in May and this is her 4th baby and never had the chance like this before, I think this would make her day to win something like this. She is absolutely amazing whose worked all the way through her pregnancy, takes so much on and still never complains. She never gets time to herself and does everything to make her children happy so I would love her to win this for her and her family.

  2. Hello, I’ve seen the new born competition and would like to nominate my friend blossom. she had her baby boy on the 21st of feb and after being scared about being a first time mum I couldn’t be anymore proud of her. She’s absolutely smashing mum life and even though she may not believe she’s always doing her best, everyone around her knows she’s doing absolutely amazing for that little boy x

  3. I’d like to nominate my friend and her partner that are due a baby boy in July. This is something she would absolutely love and she deserves a little treat she has always been there for me so I’d like to give back to her in some way. We both grew up together and now our babies get to grow up together too.

  4. My sister is due a much wanted baby in a matter of weeks and I’ve love to nominate her, her husband and bundle for this. Why…gosh….it’s been an incredibly challenging journey for them. They are both the most gorgeous people inside and out and were both desperate for children. They’d been trying to conceive with no luck, to then be told they’d need IVF. Two failed rounds of IVF later they were told the heart-breaking news it was extremely unlikely they’d have a child of their own. They decided to have one last round of IVF…..and miraculously have a little miracle on the way due the end of March 2022 in a matter of weeks. My sister also dedicates herself to her passion, her work, and has done throughout her own journey to becoming a mummy, she is a mental health nurse and works in perinatal mental health supporting women and their babies. They would be extremely worthy winners xxx

  5. I would like to nominate my beautiful super mama friend Hayley, she had her twin baby boys last night.. surprise genders, born naturally just 1 minute apart .. this would be the perfect gift and the perfect opportunity to capture those first precious newborn days x

  6. I would like to nominate my friend Hannah Kennedy
    She is having a little girl and after going through 7 months of complications she is doing amazing reaching 30 weeks with her little girl x she has been working through all the worry and gives so much to others

  7. I would like to nominate my colleague Hayley who is doing an amazing job at carrying baby twins. Hayley is also a fantastic paediatric nurse who goes above and beyond for all her patients. Hayley and her lovely little family deserve this so much.

  8. I’d like to nominate my best friend, Jess, she is currently pregnant and due at the end of May!… she has two sons, and one girl currently… she is pregnant with her second girl to complete her family! She works so hard day to day in a school, to then go home and works hard to be the best mum she can be. Jess would be more than deserving to win this. She is a loving and dedicated parent, doing all she can for her children. She would love to have the experience for her final time of having a newborn, to do a newborn photoshoot, something she has always wanted to do but never had the chance. X

  9. I’d like to nominate my colleague Kym. She’s due her first baby in April after having a rough pregnancy xx

  10. I would like to nominate my best friend Nirvanah, who is expecting her first baby in September. She literally has a heart of gold and is always prioritising everyone else before herself and goes above and beyond to make the people around her happy and is forever fulfilling selfless gestures to make her loved ones smile. She has sadly not had the best start to her pregnancy and is suffering with HG and rarely goes a day without sickness, so to have something like this to look forward to sharing with her bundle of joy would just be amazing and the perfect end to her pregnancy journey and beginning to motherhood!xx

  11. I would like to nominate Amie . She’s is pregnant with her second child and is due in April. It has been a long journey for Amie to get to where she has with her second on the way. She would be delighted to be able to experience a newborn shoot.

  12. I’d like to nominate my best friend Laura. She’s an incredible auntie to my little boy and will make the most amazing mummy to her baby due in July! She’s been my absolute rock these last 2 years so if she was to win this competition it would be a special thank you for all her support for me. I can’t think of anybody more deserving than Laura xx

  13. I’d like to nominate my outstanding fiancé, we’re expecting our first child together in 11 weeks and it would be such a good gift for what shes had to endure the past 6 months of pregnancy. Starting off with major morning sickness that lasted till week 16 and now has SPD!
    None of this has stopped her working her full time job as a health care assistant.

  14. Claire
    I would like to nominate my goddaughter Robyn, she is due to have her first baby in May. Not only is Robyn a kind and caring person she also works really hard as a health care assistant at the hospital and is on her tired feet all day and night depending on her shift. Robyn is having a few problems throughout pregnancy which leaves her in a lot of pain all day. This would be the perfect gift for her to celebrate and welcome her new baby.

  15. I would like to nominate my sister Robyn, she’s expecting her first baby in 11 weeks and has gone through so much throughout her pregnancy from really bad morning sickness and now gestational diabetes. Nothing has stopped her from carrying on working full time as a HCA at the hospital and other day to day activities. I really think she deserves this gift x

  16. I would like to nominate my loving, supportive and amazingly strong mother who is due a child around August this year. This would be an amazing treat for her given everything that we have been through together. She has given a ton of support to me and to many others and is always someone who will listen. She deserves everything for being such an amazing and beautiful woman.

  17. I would like to nominate my sister in law she doesn’t really ask for much and this is her rainbow baby I no she would absolutely love this opportunity thank you so much for reading x

  18. I Would like nominate my best friend Emma. She works so hard whilst already looking after her boys. She has supported me alot this last year or so and always been a great should for me so would be lovely to give something back! You truly are amazing Emma! ❤️

  19. I would love to nominate one of my friends, she’s a fantastic mother and friend. I’m unable to write her name due to not announcing her pregnancy yet but she would be absolutely over the moon after seeing my images from you.

  20. I nominate Molly, she’s due in April and if anyone deserves it she does! She is an inspiration to all mothers and has shown just how incredible mothers really are! She had Hattie in September of 2019. Hattie has always been a bubbly child and brought the sunshine into any room. When people say families are phenomenal,, this family really is!

    Hattie was a baby like every other until it came to the milestone of crawling! Initially Hattie seems as though she was mastering it but molly knew something wasn’t right! Hattie deteriorated to the point where she could barely sit up. Molly and Rhys have fort and fort for Hattie! Through service saying she was ‘just lazy’ and would ‘get there eventually’! After 19 months of hatties life she was then diagnosed with SMA spinal muscular atrophy. This little girl and her parents have pushed and pushed through all the negativity and all the degrading comments made and now this miracle baby they call Hattie Eliza Strandt has out done her self and all the barriers that were put in place by both professionals and her condition! She is an absolute superstar! Her mum molly, my sister-in-law is 7 months pregnant, and if anyone deserves it they do! The past 2/3 years have been hard for all of us in the family but especially them. And they’re absolutely smashing it! Hattie will make an amazing big sister and how amazing would it be to capture them as a family of four!! MY FAMILY. I know a lot of people deserve this but in my eyes they need this.

    You captured hatties first weeks in life, why not capture her siblings too! x

  21. I would love to nominate Molly. A very deserving family who are due their second baby very soon (gender is a surprise). They have a daughter who was diagnosed with a disease called SMA type 2 and have been so strong whilst she battles through the treatment to help her walk again. Winning this shoot would be a lovely gift for when baby arrives.

  22. I would love to nominate my sister, Kirsty, who has fought for the right to be a mum and has amazingly fallen pregnant with her second miracle baby. She’s due 30th August 2022 xx

  23. I would really like to nominate my my daughter . Who’s baby is due the very end of august . She is the giver of the family and helps everyone else but no-one else is ever in a position to help her. So this gift I would love to give her as she really deserves it 100%

  24. I nominate my mum because she’s deserves it for looking after all of us. And we’d love to have pictures of our new baby brother.

  25. I’d like to nominate my friend and family member Robyn Martin, and her partner, as this will be their FIRST baby together and we all know how special those first moments are; and the memories we wish to keep forever! She deserves this special experience to be photographed by such amazing talent!

  26. My daughter amy Louise Marion Taylor is expecting her first baby. It has not been an easy couple of years, as she has been working all through the pandemic as a community nurse. But these last 7 months has been harder , as she went down with covid while 5 months pregnant and been ledt6with long term covid. Winning this would brighten her last few weeks of pregnancy and give her something to look forward to after the birth.

  27. My daughter Autumn-Blaze and her partner Jakob are expecting their first child, my first grandchild, a little girl in July. A beautiful baby girl will make 5 generations of girls in the family and she is due on her great-grandmas birthday too! A special photo shoot would be a fabulous way for them to celebrate their beautiful little family.

  28. I would like to nominate my best friend Anna and her husband. They have been in a long journey with many downs to get here and their little miracle is due in September. I’m so excited for them. They have thought me how to be resilient and to never give up on your dreams! Pictures are so important as they keep memories alive for ever

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