the studio



My little purpose built newborn studio is next to my home in leafy Grimsby up on the north east coast of the UK.

The detached building was a garage originally, by which I really mean it was the junk room. When I started photographing newborns I was mobile and that meant carrying props and equipment to clients homes. That had its advantages, but I was so limited in what I could take to use each time, so we decided a studio was the way forward to give parents lots more choice on the day.

So the garage was completely renovated, insulated, and made into a cosy space for me to run my little business. Now its a gorgeous space where parents can feel like they’re in someones front room rather than a business premises.

When you’ve just had a baby you need to be comfortable, so there are soft chairs and water if you wish, but please do feel free to bring whatever snacks you need, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

I can also provide hot or cold water to cool or warm baby’s bottles. If you’re feeding baby yourself you can rest assured the studio is comfortable, private and warm, so please do relax and take your time.

If you have an older child with you to entertain while I photograph your newborn there are lots of places to go, like lovely parks or indoor play places. I can give you information on these if you’re not familiar with the local facilities.

I provide all the props used in my images, from little wooden containers, to outfits, headbands and blankets.

Every colour of the rainbow is at hand, so I will ask you if you have any favourites so I can make sure you love the resulting images.

Also, if you’ve seen me do something before that you fell in love with, let me know. I’ll happily recreate where I can, but in a way thats unique to your session because no two babies are the same, so no two sets of images will be either.

If you have a special baby keepsake you’d like to include in an image, like baby’s first teddy, the blanket Nana knitted, or anything else sentimental and precious, do please bring it with you and I’ll try to include them in an image or two to make them even more special.

Because for many images your baby will be unwrapped I make sure the studio is kept nice and warm for their comfort, so please do make sure you come dressed in layers incase you wish to cool off.

So, relax, sit back, let me do all the work, and enjoy your time at Maddy Rogers Photography.