Our Mini Christmas Survival Checklist!

Christmas baby photos hull

This year has flown by in a blur of gorgeous Grimsby newborn sessions and Hull newborn sessions, PLUS awesome characters for their sit and giggle portraits, messy fun with cakes smashes and a huge amount of training other photographers in the art of safe newborn posing. With Christmas sneaking ever closer and most of us wondering where on earth the last year has gone, let alone the last few months – we have compiled our own mini checklist for surviving the big day.

  1. Whatever booze you have bought, add an extra couple of bottles of wine and a few more beers – nothing worse than running out, or extra people popping round and not having enough to go round!
  2. If you’ve bought toys that need batteries – make sure you have PLENTY – a disappointed kid with a present they can’t play with can ruin Christmas.
  3. If you have time, un-package toddlers presents, test they work, and re-package/wrap without all the tie wraps and plastic, they get bored VERY quickly trying to remove it all themselves.
  4. Have a couple of extra boxes of chocolates or biscuits wrapped up in the house, incase unexpected visitors turn up with gifts – you can then offer them a gift too. And if no-one does then more for you!
  5. Make sure you have all the necessary items for leaving Santa and his reindeer something on Xmas Eve, it’s all part of the magic for little kids!
  6. If you are cooking xmas dinner, pop a few bags of veg in your freezer – I’ve heard of a few people go to get the fresh veg ready and it’s no good – this could save the day.
  7. Gravy granules ! Even if you make your own gravy it’s a good idea to have some in. I remember my Grandad ruining the gravy one year – thank goodness Gran saved the day with her Bisto.
  8. Young children are understandably very excited on Christmas Eve, although you want them to experience the magic of Christmas Eve, still try to stick to a routine as far as possible: nice warm bath, fresh pyjama’s and bedding, drink and snack and stories will help relax them, ready for a good night’s sleep.
  9. Be prepared for little people struggling to sleep, don’t expect a lie in on Xmas Day, and have the coffee ready for an early start! and finally……
  10. Enjoy yourself and have an excellent Christmas with plenty of gin!
presents for the kids at christmas hull


So each week l like to shout out to a fellow photographer and this week it is the lovely Jay at Jay Saunders Photography. She’s written a really cool blog you may find useful! It’s about older newborn sessions. Take a look and see what the best newborn photographer in Essex has to say.

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