Hannah’s Newborn Training – Newborn 1:1 Training Lincolnshire

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January started well when l welcomed the lovely Hannah in to the studio for her 1:1 training. The first day went well, with the cutest little model who slept so well for me Hannah wondered what witchcraft I was using.

Its always good when a model is so settled so I can teach what I need to, but on the flip side sometimes if they don’t its good too. Not all babies sleep and its a sticking point for beginners sometimes, so I also teach what to do when your baby won”t sleep. Its an important set of skills to learn.

But no, little Olivia was too sleepy and thoroughly enjoyed her modelling experience and only woke just as we had finished. I was able to show Hannah everything she had asked me to show her, and she went back to her hotel feeling confident about the next day.

Day two and Hannah chose what set ups to use, and our second model was equally content allowing Hannah to practice all she had learned the day before. Baby Daisy slept sweetly while I helped Hannah find her angles, and she did so really quickly. She also grew in confidence with her posing, and nailed each pose beautifully. I was also able to show Hannah how to shoot for a composite image.


Here is Hannah in action.

Hannah is also a member of my Video Mentoring Group on Facebook where she continues to get support and guidance, not just from me, but the other members too. In the group she can refresh her memory by rewatching the video of a full newborn session I recorded. Also she can watch numerous editing videos, and get cc on her own images if she wishes.

This fab group is open to all who want to grow their newborn photography career, so do pop along to my TRAINING page to take a look.

Before her 1:1 Hannah wrote a review of my group.


“I first encountered Maddy Rogers on a fervent search to find myself THE best newborn trainer in the business. All roads seemed to lead to her.
Her images are just exquisite and safety is her number one priority, so to find she was offering access to a private, life long, mentoring group, with regular ‘how to’ vids from an epic 3.5hr full newborn session to videos on photoshop editing techniques was incredible. I don’t think she knows what a truly valuable resource she is to me and the other members of the group!
She is happy to answer any question at all, and quickly and simply explained to boot!
Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Maddy explains it beautifully as well as really building your confidence. I’m so impressed I’ve booked a 1:1 with her!” – HANNAH NEECH

The images below are all styled, posed and lit by Hannah, taken and edited by me.


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