Coping With Covid-19 Isolation. And How to Cope if You and Your Partner are Both Working from Home.

Murder. It’s never the answer, so maybe hide the golf clubs?

On a more serious note, with lots of couples finding they are working from home due to the current situation, it’s uncharted territory spending so much time in close proximity.

Even for couples that spend the majority of time together, its usually limited to evenings, weekends and the odd two week burst on a holiday. Even then, you can go out whenever you please, have visitors, and of course in a holiday scenario it’s a lot different to being stuck at home.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you stay sane, married and out of prison!

  • Where possible, have defined working spaces, ideally in separate rooms, this way you won’t disturb each other if one likes to work in silence and one likes the radio on or listens to podcasts.
  • Keep your main living area a work free zone. This is where you relax, so you don’t want work stuff creeping into it. It needs to be a space where you can both chill out after working. If it’s not possible to keep work out during the day , have a strict cut off point and remove all work related items at this time.
  • Have your lunch break/coffee breaks at the same time. Take some time out to eat together, chat about non work related stuff, watch TV together or if the weather is fine go and sit in the garden.

  • Set some ground rules so you are both clear on how you work and what would disrupt that.
  • Split all household chores evenly, if you are both working from home, both keep on top of any jobs that need doing.
  • Be honest! If they do something to annoy you, tell them nicely, whilst acknowledging you might annoy them too. Don’t let it build up until one of you blows up.
  • In your free time, try not to just fall into the old routine of just staring at the TV, or flicking through channels. Mix it up by playing some board games, a game of cards – anything to break up the monotony.
  • Arrange date nights, you might not be able to go out but don’t get stuck in a rut of your usual ‘at home’ behaviour. Take it turns to cook for each other. Set the table nicely, light a few candles – make a few nights a week stand out as different to the rest.
  • Choose one day a week to get any household or garden jobs sorted, just to give you a change to your routine.
  • Get a punch bag 😉

Good luck !

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