I attended a beginners workshop at Maddy’s studio, and it honestly was amazing! Was so informative and I’ve come away feeling like I can smash it going forwards. No question was too silly and Maddy just helped in every way that she could to get us to grasp everything. Thank you so much! Cannot wait to hopefully attend more courses.
Such a well delivered training course. Had a great day and learnt so much. You gave me the confidence I needed. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their skills in the newborn studio.
I have been Maddy’s group for a while now, and I always wanted to do one of her trainings. So this amazing workshop happened yesterday ! I was worth traveling through the whole country, to get all that knowledge, positive energy, and the power that you also can do it and be good at it. Maddy is great photographer, teacher and baby whisperer 😉 Atmosphere was very warm and friendly. Light lunch was good and tasty 😋 Plenty of water, tea, and coffee. Toilet is also available. Studio is easy to find. If you’re traveling by train it’s about 15 min drive from the train station.
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
If you are a photographer looking to train in newborn photography, Maddy is your woman! I have been part of Maddy’s mentoring group for a couple of years and recently booked Maddy to come to my studio to deliver her 2 days 1-2-1 training.
Having undertaken numerous training courses over my career, I can honestly say this was hands-down the most enriching and valuable training I have ever done. Maddy is a true expert in her field, I can’t tell you how many lightbulb moments I had over the two days.
Maddy is such an encouraging coach. She is really and truly in your corner and wants you to glean everything you can over the 2 days. She is passionate about giving you those lightbulb moments, she really wants you to succeed. And succeed I did! I have never mastered some of the poses such as head on hands, but under Maddy’s guidance and explanation, ta daaaaaah I only went and did it! I wish I could bottle the huge boost of confidence I felt after the second day and gift it to you.
Maddy prioritises safe baby posing above all else, one of the many reasons she is so well-respected in the industry and one of the many reasons I chose to be trained by her.
This training is so so so much more than watching on day one and repeating on day two. It’s about gaining a real understanding of the hows and whys, which in my experience has helped me to put everything I learned into practice and has seen me offer a much improved gallery of images to my clients. In turn, I have also seen an increase in bookings since my training.
If you are looking to either start, improve or master the art of this type of photography you need Maddy in your life! The best bit was knowing that when Maddy left my studio after the 2 days training, I could continue my development through her mentoring group. Here, once again, Maddy doesn’t hold back! There are endless videos on everything from posing to wrapping to how to run your business effectively and is always on hand to answer your questions. Maddy has created so much content in this group and a really supportive community of other photographers who are the most positive and encouraging bunch! A true village!
Finally, Maddy is absolutely lovely! A real sparkling gem! One of life’s vitamins! Her passion to train, teach and educate YOU knows no bounds. An absolute pleasure! Thank you Maddy.
I attended a workshop with Maddy recently and she was amazing, her model was very challenging which made it so much more worthwhile as an attendee. Her passion and enthusiasm for both newborn photography and training shone through. It was an amazing day of learning and just made me more determined to have a 1-1 session with her!!
Unfortunately I haven’t had the privilege of “hands on” training with Maddy….but being a member of her paid for membership group for the past couple of years has literally turned my work around!! In fact, it turned it around after the first couple of weeks to be honest as I digested all her incredibly valuable videos!! Maddy doesn’t hold anything back, her method has such a “light bulb moment”, and her character is just the cherry on the cake 🍰. One day I’ll get to do the training in person so I can really get to where I need to be xx
I feel so lucky to have found Maddy and to be a part of her training and group. She’s always willing to help and guide and she listens to what’s needed and provides amazing content in response. Her videos cover such a huge range of topics and her teaching is clear and easy to follow. She’s amazing. The End. Stop reading and make the best decision you can make for your business…
If you’re a photographer looking for newborn training, I can’t recommend Maddy enough.
I booked 121 training for 2 days, I’m so glad I did. She’s great at putting your nerves at ease, guiding you through every step of the way.
She’s got the magic touch at calming a baby, safety procedures, styling and editing. She’s amazing!!
The training is a great investment for your business.
I learnt so much!! I loved it Maddy, thank you!! ❤️
Maddy’s newborn photography training is absolutely the best there is! There’s a good reason why she is booked out well in advance. Maddy explains things in a way that makes so much sense. Not only does she clearly explain how to pose baby, she explains why she does it that way, making everything so much easier to remember. I feel so much more confident in my posing thanks to Maddy, the 2nd day of training where you pose a model under Maddy’s supervision is so so valuable. I will 100% be back for a refresher in the future!
Newborn training with Maddy Rogers one of the UK’s premier trainers, is definitely a must, without a doubt! She is an amazing lady, her training covers everything that you need to know and she tailors the session to suit your needs. Her work is just gorgeous and speaks for itself.
She is hot on newborn safety, which should be top of this list when searching for a newborn trainer! I believe it is so important to invest heavily in ongoing newborn photography training, not only to provide clients with gorgeous images they will cherish for a lifetime but more importantly in how to pose and handle their newborn safely. It’s not just a case of just taking images of a newborn, it should be every newborn photographer’s top priority to ensure baby is handled in a way, not to cut off circulation, air way is not restricted, baby is wrapped and positioned correctly. This is all covered.
I first came across Maddy when I joined her mentoring group, my knowledge just rocketed, I was hooked and learned so much. Being very new to photography and with just a handful of newborns I had photographed, I just had to get booked in. I have had newborn training elsewhere but wish I had come to Maddy first! I booked the 1:1 2 day course which was invaluable. She went through all I needed to know the first day and the next day it was my turn. This is what also attracted me to Maddy’s training, getting to handle and pose baby, while Maddy was by my side, every step of the way.
I can definitely see the change in my work since the training and my confidence which she also helped me with. Ongoing support afterwards is also available and I love how Maddy is straight to the point with her cc’s and tells you what you need to know to grow in the industry.
Thank you Maddy for everything, so grateful and really appreciate it. So my message to any one thinking of booking, just book!!
I’ve been photographing newborns for a few years now and found myself in a rut.  My work not quite as good as I wanted and my business not performing the way I had hoped.  I joined Maddy’s group and learned so much there, I knew Maddy offered training and it was definitely on my wish list to do a one to one but when I saw her ad for Mentoring programme I knew this was exactly what i needed!
I am now just past the halfway point in the course having done training days covering the admin side and working with babies and my whole business has been transformed!  My work has dramatically improved and I am finally producing images I can be really proud of.  I’m so glad to have invested in this training programme, its been such an eye opener for me.  Maddy has a way of explaining her process that makes it seem so simple and achievable that you almost wonder why you didn’t already figure it out.  I love her direct approach to training, we don’t get sugar coated answers from Maddy that doesn’t help us we get direct, honest feedback and advice that helps us see where we can improve.  Can’t wait for the next training day!
“I’m just going to put this as it is. Just BOOK the training with Maddy. I have been trained in large groups, by some of the top newborn photographers across the globe. But Maddy gave me one thing, they couldn’t. She gave me 1:1 and hands on. Both are invaluable. Maddy is down to earth, funny and sharp witted, she observed my posing techniques and took me further. She unblocked my own worries about flow posing, settling babies and wrapping.
She gave me confidence in my OWN abilities  too. This is my main take away from the course with Maddy. She has reminded me of my own confidence and all the good things I already do in sessions….and she honed them. My very first studio sessions since the training have seen me coming across as more knowledgeable, confident and secure in my approach and technique. As such the babies have been better settled and I am achieving poses I couldn’t manage previously. Added to this, the retouching section of the training was an eye opener! So many light bulb ‘aha’ moments! I still have a long way to go, but Maddy has given me the confidence to keep on believing and improving.
Thank you so much wonderful lady!”
“My newborn training day with Maddy. She is amazing! I’ve never said ‘wow’ so many times until today. I had so many jaw dropping moments whilst she was training me in the studio and the production after. She helped me with ways to settle and pose baby, wrapping, editing, marketing, everything! I’m very lucky to have been trained by Maddy and I’m so very thankful of what she has taught me, thank you so much Maddy xx”
“Last year Rebecca and I decided to take the plunge and make a go of photography. Being local to Maddy we had heard of her and had seen her work. We knew that if we could get to be half as good as her then we would be happy. We already knew of another photographer local in the area who put us in some photography groups. Sure enough Maddy was there offering advice to others. Rebecca kept saying to me that she wanted Maddy training. The training was booked and the rest is history! We have noticed a huge increase in bookings and revenue. Maddy offers something we haven’t seen in other trainers and that’s continual, ongoing support and mentoring. Don’t expect her to blow smoke up your arse for the sake of it. If she likes your image she will tell you, if she deems areas for improvement she will tell you. She’s non judgemental and won’t laugh at you or your work. She will help you and laugh with you. Photography is a journey and you won’t find anyone better than Maddy to be on that journey with. Apart from me.”
“I’m very new to photography still and I have found that often this journey is a lonely one as not many professional photographers are accepting of new photographers. Then in stepped Maddy. I came across her in a photography group and her name kept popping up offering help and advice. This lady runs her own very successful business yet still spends so much of her time mentoring others. I heard about her mentoring group and I knew I had to join – I needed more Maddy in my life. The group is invaluable from the videos she posts which are so helpful, to the challenges she sets in them. For example just a few weeks ago I had never ever touched photoshop and Maddy set a challenge to do a composite in Photoshop. This gave me the push to give it a go and wow – I did it! Maddy is always there to offer advice and encouragement. She doesn’t sugar coat everything which is what you need as a beginner and she wants to help you improve. I cannot explain how invaluable her group is and I’ve since booked her in for my two days of training and I know that is going to excel my photos and business to another level. I’m so glad I found her.”
“I joined the Maddy Rogers training group about a month ago, I have been an admirer of her work for a while. Even though I have been reluctant to start photography training, I know I made the right decision for choosing Maddy the moment I joined – the group is fun and informal, very down to earth but exceptionally helpful and informative.
We are free to post questions and ask advice or share anything relating to our work, and get advice and opinions from not only the expert herself, but also others in the same position as us. The group is not only made up of brilliant photographers, there are togs on all different levels, so it’s not uncomfortable asking advice etc.
Maddy had a live newborn session that she broadcasted, she started the day before when she selected and planned the shoot in terms of colours and props etc – all of this was shown to us – live, with running commentary. The next day baby arrived for her session and we were taken along for the journey, we experienced everything, from Maddy soothing baby etc, all different wrapping techniques, posing, different set ups etc. All of us watching could ask absolutely anything we wanted to know and Maddy “taught” as she went along, we asked question about props, lighting advice, how and why she did certain things etc. A couple of hours after the session Maddy shared the pics with us and we were able to watch her edit – again, lots of useful advice and info.
Through this group, we have been able to learn and experience as near as possible, person to person training as we can, considering physical distance. Not only do we see the amazing images when they have been completed, but we now have insight as to how they are created from the initial planning stages all the way through to editing. I think she has only just scraped the barrel of how useful and helpful this group will become.
She’s a brilliant photographer but even more brilliant a trainer, because she’s so hands-on and down to earth. Can’t wait to learn more and watch the videos again while taking notes! Very glad I joined this group, absolutely worth it.”
“I first encountered Maddy Rogers on a fervent search to find myself THE best newborn trainer in the business. All roads seemed to lead to her. Her images are just exquisite and safety is her number one priority, so to find she was offering access to a private, life long, mentoring group, with regular ‘how to’ vids from an epic 3.5hr full newborn session to videos on photoshop editing techniques was incredible. I don’t think she knows what a truly valuable resource she is to me and the other members of the group! She is happy to answer any question at all, and quickly and simply explained to boot! Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Maddy explains it beautifully as well as really building your confidence. I’m so impressed I’ve booked a 1:1 with her!”
I already have a lot of photography experience and have enjoyed some exciting trips to expand my skills, but when it came to training in the extremely specialist area of newborn photography, there was only one person I wanted to work with; Maddy Rogers.
Maddy has an amazing reputation and her work is spectacular, so it wasn’t a bind to make the flight from the Isle of Man to meet her at her studio in Lincolnshire and as soon as I arrived, I knew I’d made the right choice. I’d decided on a two-day course and she had a fantastic 48 hours planned.
I had already completed some newborn shoots, but I was keen to really hone my posing skills, as well as general techniques, and on the first day, I met Oliver; a beautiful little boy who was to be photographed. Watching Maddy close her sets and put the family at ease was inspirational and I can’t deny that I took a lot of notes, like a bit of a nerd, but there was so much to take in and I didn’t want to overlook anything!
Learning how to properly soothe and settle a baby for a photo shoot was fascinating. I have three children of my own, but this was different. Getting to know Oliver properly and connecting with him allowed us to understand which poses he would be comfortable in; a vital element for his welfare and safety and it gave me a great insight into just how frequently supports (often a hand) are used and edited out at a later stage.
Understanding which angles to shoot from and how to light a sleeping baby was a revelation, as you want them to stay asleep and calm. This lead to a wonderfully frank discussion about when you should and more importantly, when you shouldn’t try certain poses or props. Finishing the day with a refresher course on Photoshop and Lightroom, we looked at how to seamlessly remove supports from finished pictures and create those pretty creamy skin tones that all newborn pictures have. A fantastic day, it left me excited for the next!
Day two came around and I was ‘running’ the shoot, which was exciting and a little daunting at the same time. I chose my preferred sets and was lucky enough to have the beautiful baby Harper Rose as my subject. She settled with me quickly after some reading, a trick I use with my own children, and we got to work snapping some dreamy shots.
Maddy was quick to help me find those perfect and flattering angles that parents adore and even had a realistic ‘stand in’ baby to practice wrapping. It’s amazing just how useful a faux baby can be, as you can set up an entire shot, without disturbing a sleeping babe and then bring them in when you’re ready. Genius!
With my finished final shot taken, my course came to an end and I left Maddy feeling more knowledgeable, confident and safety-conscious than ever before. There’s no doubt in my mind that I chose the right person to train with and I can’t wait to start photographing in my own studio now.
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