What If My Baby Won’t Settle? – Newborn Baby Photos Lincolnshire

One of the most common concerns l hear parents have regarding booking a newborn session is “what if my baby won’t settle?”

They so often think maybe their baby will not be like all the peaceful sleeping babies they see on my website.  After all, life at home with a newborn can be tough. Sleepless nights, colic, reflux, feeding issues…all sorts of things can often be stressful, so how will a photographer work with a baby they don’t know?

Well let me reassure you a little. 

I am a mum of four, but this hasn’t really meant anything when it comes to my job as a newborn photographer. In the 9 years l have been photographing such tiny new people, l have learned a huge amount of new skills that l use to keep each baby calm and settled, and usually, nice and sleepy too. 

In 2018 alone l photographed just over 120 newborns, and each one taught me a little bit more about how they tick. Its a wealth of knowledge that makes me get better and better at my job. 

Also,  not once did l fail to create a beautiful gallery of images for the parents.

Each baby slept at least some of the time, and each baby was calm and peaceful.  

However, some sleep more than others. Some barely flinch when l ask them to move a hand or foot, and some wiggle and some twitch. 

Some wake easily, and some sleep like logs. Some sleep the entire session, and some need to feed. Some pee on me, some poop on me…and none of that is ever an issue.

The point is, they are all different, and all behave in a unique way while they’re with me, so l take time to get to know each baby and try to understand what they like and don’t like, what they need, and what helps them stay sleepy and calm.  

Many parents tell me they learn new soothing techniques as they watch me work too which l hope really helps them at home. For them this may be their first experience with a newborn, while for me it will be well into hundreds. The studio is warm, cosy, calm, and peaceful so that parents are comfortable while they are with me too. You can see my studio HERE. 

But what WOULD happen if for some reason your baby didn’t settle on the day? Well, l would be more than happy to try again another day at no extra cost to you. 

So, please be reassured, l have comfortably photographed even the most wiggly little babies, the most fussy, the most hungry. It’s all in a days work for me, and l promise that your time with me will be peaceful and stress free.

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