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Maddy Rogers ANPS has been a newborn photographer for over ten years, and has trained newborn safe posing for 7. When she started there was no training available, which means Maddy is fully self taught, so you know you are getting training from someone who honed her skills from the ground up.

Maddy was a pioneer in newborn safe posing in the UK, and the first to run newborn posing workshops, and is a founder of the Baby and Newborn Photography Network.

She is now running hugely popular 1:1 training courses which are always booked up many months in advance, with 2021 already having sold out.

She was also the first trainer in the UK to offer full hands on posing on her two day 1:1 courses.

Maddy is also the ONLY newborn photographer accredited with The National Photographic Society, achieved her Associate level qualification with them in 2018, and is now their safety co-ordinator.

With such an illustrious career it is not surprising that she is the UK’s premier newborn specialist trainer and mentor.

To see what others say about her training, please visit her training reviews page.


So heres the thing. l love newborn photography.

When I started there was no Facebook group, no community of learners, teachers, sharers, or anything else.

I had to learn as I went and thats hard. Really hard.

Now I’m all experienced up and the world has changed, I get to create a place for all those things….for you.

Learning something new like this is hard enough when you can dedicate a shed load of time to it, and you’re a fast learner, but not everyone gets that much luck. Some have a job aside from their photography. Some have little kids to look after as they learn.

This place I have created caters for everyone who loves this amazing genre no matter what their situation.

You join…for a measly fee considering what I give you…and you learn the stuff you need, when you need it, as fast or as slowly as you need it. Once you’re in you’re in. The info I give is never removed, and the library of training I create just gets bigger and bigger.

Not only that but its a fun informal community of like minded people from far and wide and who bounce off each other, learn from each other, get brave, grow and share, all in a safe place.

Check out this link to read the reviews.GROUP REVIEWS



Not only is there a 3.5 hour long broadcast of my running a newborn session that will be available in the group permanently, I will also do more in the future at no extra cost to you.

There is also a set of 6 wrapping tutorial videos covering base wrapping, wrapping to transition between props, potato sack wrapping, wrapping on the posing bed, baby led posing and wrapping, and more.

You are paying for lifelong access to the group where you can watch all the videos as often as you wish, ask questions, and get support in your own newborn photography journey.

Upon completion of your payment you  will need to search for the Facebook group where you can apply to join. It’s called  Maddy Rogers Photography – Real Time Newborn Session & MENTORING GROUP




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