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Maddy Rogers ANPS has been a newborn photographer for ten years, and has trained newborn safe posing for 7. When she started there was no training available, which means Maddy is fully self taught, so you know you are getting training from someone who honed her skills from the ground up.

Maddy was a pioneer in newborn safe posing in the UK, and the first to run newborn posing workshops, and is a founder of the Baby and Newborn Photography Network.

She is now running hugely popular 1:1 training courses which are always booked up many months in advance, with 2020 already having sold out.

She was also the first trainer in the UK to offer full hands on posing on her two day 1:1 courses.

Maddy is also the ONLY newborn photographer accredited with The National Photographic Society, achieved her Associate level qualification with them in 2018, and is now their safe posing advisor.

With such an illustrious career it is not surprising that she is the UK’s premier newborn specialist trainer and mentor.

To see what others say about her training, please visit her training reviews page.


Maddy is a highly respected trainer in the art of safe newborn posing across the UK, Europe and has been booked by photographers from as far as India, Argentina, Norway and Hong Kong.
In her studio in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Maddy also holds 1:1 training courses for a more individually structured training to suit the needs of each attendee. You will have  a discussion about your needs so Maddy can ensure you get as much as possible from the course.

Maddy will gladly travel to you when expenses are covered.

Training is popular for those just starting out in photography, as well as those well established in other genres, and wishing to add this wonderful area of photography to their existing business.

Maddy’s history working with Scope as a sleep counsellor comes into it’s own when dealing with sleeping babies, as she can teach you about levels of sleep, and how to recognise them. This is invaluable when deciding when to move a baby with less chance of waking them, and when to leave them be.



 A coffee and a chat at the studio in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, or at your own studio.

A newborn model

How to prepare the parents for a session

How to manage parents expectations

Preparing all the sessions props and kit needed

How to create a varied and attractive gallery for maximum sales.

Using  flash

Safe posing and pose flow

Reading sleep

Soothing and settling

Camera settings and techniques

Camera angles and composition

 Backing up and editing

Composite editing techniques

Marketing ideas

How to get the best from your Facebook business page


This is not a photography course, and while we are able to offer advice on settings suitable for this genre, it is best you have a basic understanding of how to use your DSLR in manual.

The one day course includes all the above in one day. We start at 9.30am, and aim to finish at around 3-4pm.




I believe the best way to learn is hands on. Its all very well watching someone pose etc, but the best way you’ll pick those skills up and know you can do it, is to do it. So, I will ensure that I teach you everything you need on the first day, which will be run as the one day course above.

Then, rather than then have to go off and wait days or weeks to practice on a real baby on your own, when you’ve forgotten so much, you get to do so the next day with me by your side, not just ensuring baby is always happy and safe, but to ensure you’ve taken it all in, and to guide you as you go.

This two day 1:1 is perfect for if you really do want to ensure you leave with not just the knowledge, but the chance to actually put them into practice with me right there. You will learn all that is listed above, and is truly tailored to your needs.


The first day will involve me showing what you’ve asked to learn. I will do all the posing and soothing, explaining as I go. This gives you the chance to take it all in, make notes, and ask questions.

Then you go back to your hotel and rest up before its your turn the next day.


You get to use my props and style the session yourself. Then when baby arrives, its over to you. I will be right there by your side to guide and assist, making sure you’re happy, and baby is too.

If you’re very new to newborn photography, it may be that this is a slow steady and simple day as you simply gain your confidence handling and soothing baby. You won’t be pushed into anything at all, and you’ll only do what you’re comfortable with.

If you’re already trading and have experience with newborns, you could run the entire session, with me just there to give reminders. Either way, I will be there to make sure you’re putting all you learned into practice.

Read one attendees blog on her 2 days course HERE

There a few very close hotels, and I am always happy to ensure you get back there ok after day one and give you a lift to the train station which is nearby.




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