The Sit & Giggle Session – Maddy Rogers Photography Studio Lincoln

I’m a bit in love with these sessions, not going to lie. They are all about these little people starting to show us their blossoming personalities.

While newborns simply captivate me with their new baby smell, and vulnerability, seeing them then come back a few months later and show me their smiles and their faces that say “Who are you?” is just the best thing.

Usually done between 6-9 months, and hopefully before baby can crawl …… because otherwise getting them to sit still can be like trying to nail jelly to a tree ……. we talk to you about what you’d like. We have a fab selection of backdrop designs and are always happy to try and accommodate your own ideas too, so we can be sure the images reflect your style and baby’s personality.

On enquiry we will show you your options and we can go from there.

To see more and to book, go HERE

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