Being pregnant is different for every woman. All bloom, but some don’t feel like they do. Some feel amazing, some don’t. One thing is for sure though, its an incredibly special time and one you should preserve.

After creating four beautiful people myself I really wish l had even one image of my pregnant body other than a simply snap of me looking fed up at 40 weeks.

I wish I had an image that captured me making my babies.I would have loved images capturing me in a feminine way, a flattering way, and a way that would make me smile in 30 years as I look back on my life.

Thats what I hope this session will do for you.

Now I understand that you may be sitting there thinking there is no way I could make you look good considering the way you probably feel when you’re belly is fit to pop, but this isn’t a glamour shoot of you.

This is about the beauty of being pregnant. However you think you look when you are swollen, have eye bags like camel humps and a lumpy skin break out, my aim is to capture your pregnant femininity no matter how you feel. I can take all that negative stuff away, and leave you with images that will make you remember how making your baby really was an amazing time.

This session is meant to be a keepsake session, leaving you with images you may wish never to show anyone and will simply pop in your baby’s keepsake box. Or you may love your pregnancy and what its doing to your body so much you decide a huge canvas is a must….it really is up to you.

You may want it just to be you, or to be your partner too. We can talk about what to wear, and you might even decide to have your hair and make up done to pamper yourself a bit before baby arrives and you don’t get time to shower let alone pop some lippy on. Or you may decide to be natural and come as you are.

The session will only take about half an hour, and you can show or hide as much bump as you feel comfortable with.

You will then receive five beautifully edited digital images that you can print from as you wish, or simply keep safe for your eyes only.

Also you will have a 6×6 inch folding double image portfolio in cream linen. You could have your due date on the front, how many weeks you were when the images were taken, and even baby’s name if you’ve decided on that yet. If you have other children you may wish to keep the front blank so it is a record of you when pregnant instead.

The Keepsake Maternity Session with 5 digital images and Linen Portfolio is just £225


If you book a Full Newborn Experience with this package you benefit from a reduced newborn session fee of just £35.