Remember My Baby Charity – Why I Am a Volunteer Retoucher

As anyone who has had a session with me knows, I adore babies. Their amazing freshness, a brand new person starting out in life, who I get to meet at their tiniest. Celebrating and capturing the incredible bond of a new family.

Sometimes though, life isn’t fair and sadly not all new babies are meant for this earth. As a parent, nothing can prepare you for losing your baby. Nothing can take away that pain. In time, it becomes easier to bear but parents going through this devastating loss need all the support and love they can get.

Who are Remember My Baby?

Remember My Baby a UK based charity that helps support these parents who have lost their baby before, during or shortly after birth; by offering the services of voluntary professional photographers to ensure that they too can have precious images of their child.


I’d been hearing about this incredible charity and the work it’s volunteers do for a while, and several times had considered the possibility of volunteering myself. What stopped me was my own work commitments, as, because I travel the country offering newborn photography training, I couldn’t always be available at short notice to be able to visit the hospitals when parents needed my services most.

Although I reluctantly vetoed the idea of becoming a photographer for Remember My Baby, I couldn’t stop thinking about the good they do and how much I wanted to become a part of it and give something back. I couldn’t imagine the heartache of losing a baby, and desperately wanted to be able to use my skills to help those who had.

It was then I discovered that it’s possible to volunteer your editing skills to help too, as sometimes the volunteer photographers find it too emotionally hard to edit the images they have taken, or don’t have the time alongside their other work, or the necessary editing skills to provide the parents with the best possible images.

Years of training and learning editing techniques put me in a perfect position to be able to offer my services and become part of this worthy charity.I won’t pretend that it’s been easy, it’s utterly heartbreaking work, but nowhere near as heartbreaking as what the parents go through, and unlike them, I can switch off my computer and move on (although a part of you remembers each and every image that you work on, with sadness in your heart)

Knowing you are making a difference, however small, and helping to provide memories of those babies for their parents is both incredibly rewarding and humbling. My deepest admiration goes to those photographers who visit these parents at their darkest and most raw moments, to take the photographs that are both the saddest and most achingly beautiful they will ever potentially take. I feel privileged to be able to play a part in the amazing things this charity does and to help ease the pain of loss, even in the smallest way.

Another photographer who agrees on how incredible Remember My Baby is, and is considering volunteering too, is the lovely and talented Jay Saunders from Jay Saunders Photography in Ongar, Essex. With her skills as a top Essex newborn photographer mean she would make a welcome addition to The Remember My Baby family.

25 Responses

  1. This must be a very rewarding job that takes courage. I’m not sure if I could be so brave and keep from crying at every single image.

  2. Such an amazing thing to do for these parents who aren’t as fortunate as others. These photographs will be so so precious and treasured forever.

  3. A fantastic charity who makes such a difference. Well done for volunteering. It must be a difficult thing to do

  4. Giving these families the gift of the most precious memories that exist is such a selfless and honourable thing to do. Remember My Baby is a fantastic charity and I am grateful to be a part of it. Thank you so much for being a part of the incredible work done to make sure every single family who needs us can have wonderful photographs of their angel babies.

  5. Giving all of these families precious memories that they will cherish forever. Is absolutely unreal. You are such a strong lady to do this and I absolutely admire you for that. Family’s will never forget you for doing that for them ❤️

  6. Life really just doesn’t seem fair at all. What a devastating time for any parent to go through. What a gift you are giving to them.

  7. Thank you Maddy. your work for Remember My Baby is so valuable to the families. As a volunteer photographer I know how important this service is to families who have lost a baby

  8. RMB started the week after we lost our son – I wish they’d been available for us and know the work you do means so much to the families who need you x

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