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When I started there was no Facebook group, no community of learners, teachers, sharers, or anything else.

I had to learn as I went and thats hard. Really hard.

Now after more than 12 years I’m all experienced up and the world has changed, and I get to create a place for all those things….for you.

Learning something new like this is hard enough when you can dedicate a shed load of time to it, and you’re a fast learner, but not everyone gets that much luck. Some have a job aside from their photography. Some have little kids to look after as they learn.

So I have created a place that caters for everyone who loves this amazing genre no matter what their situation.

When you join you learn the stuff you need, when you need it, as fast or as slowly as you need it. The info I give is never removed, and the library of training I create just gets bigger and bigger.

Not only that but my Mentoring Group is a fun informal community of like minded people from far and wide and who bounce off each other, learn from each other, get brave, grow and share, all in a safe place.

Your monthly subscription allows you:

– FULL access to ALL training content, whenever you want it.
– FREE access to the Facebook Mentoring Group




You have access full time, to ask questions, and be part of something special. I am always on hand to help, and also offer these EXTRA amazing features!

– Dedicated threads where you can post an image for me to CC using video! This is SO useful to help you grow.
– Challenges on posing or editing.
– LIVE videos on request if you get stuck with an edit, or a pose, or anything else!

Sign up to really help your newborn photography on EVERY LEVEL!




  1. Lauren  

    I’ve been in Maddy’s online mentoring group for about 4 months now and it has been amazing! Maddy is really helpful at giving spot on feedback and advice on how to improve as a newborn photographer. My images have really improved and while I know I’ve got a long way to go the help and support I’ve received has been brilliant.

  2. Tianna  

    I was struggling with my newborn photography before watching the live videos before purchasing access to Maddy’s group but honestly just being able to watch from home essential wrapping videos has really changed how I view wrapping! I was worried about it before but now, I have a great resource to go back to, when I need a little inspiration. Maddy is experienced and friendly, you won’t be disappointed and these are at an exceptional price, more than value for money xx

  3. Sharon  

    Maddy’s mentoring group has been an absolutely game changer for me. The amount of resources and information that is available for the prices is priceless. In addition to being able to post photos and ask her and others for critique, she not only gives constructive feedback, but goes out of her way to help you learn. I am forever grateful to Maddy for her inspirational work and the way she helps us to achieve our pottential.

  4. Sarah  

    This group has been a game changer. Maddy is a fab teacher and explains it so its easy to understand. The videos and CC are definately worth more than the joining fee. The group are all really friendly and supportive. Maddy goes above and beyond what I expected and joining her group was one of the best decisions I have made. If you are looking for a honest, professional and knowledgeable mentoring group this is the one!!

  5. Claire Butler  

    I actually came across Maddys work through facebook and thought her style/ work was so beautiful. The amount of detail that Maddy goes into on how she creates these beautiful images is priceless. Over the past 5 months I have learnt so much, from her live videos to personal critiques. I continue to learn daily and recommend anyone who wants to take their newborn photography to the next level to join. Since joining my photography has gone from strength to strength all thanks to Maddy. Xx

  6. Laura  

    I am still here a little bit in the shadows but still following 🙂 “Maddy’s group is amazing, a place where I feel safe to post and ask for a critique as I know it is well intentioned. Maddy has a great bank of videos about anything related to newborn photography, from how to pose baby, wrapping, transitions, using props, editing etc. You can use the group as much or as little as you wish and it is for life, which means that at anytime when I feel I need to go over something I watch some of the videos and get that confidence back again. I would definitely recommend it”.

  7. Kathryn Hill  

    Amazing group to join, huge amount of resources to help get you started in the world of newborn photography, posing, wrapping, lighting, props, managing parents, tips on settling babies, loads of videos and a hugely supportive group if ever you need some advice or feedback on your images. Goes hand in hand with 121 training with Maddy. Best money I’ve ever spent on training, it’s my go to resource.

  8. Sam  

    I feel so lucky to have found this group. Maddy has provided so much knowledge in terms of videos covering so many subjects including posing, wrapping, business and more. She really is an open book. She often asks in the group what we’d like a video on so that she can offer specific help where possible. Don’t think about whether to join just join it will be one of the best things you do for your photography….

  9. Sarah Crombie  

    This group has given so much to me in the year that I’ve been a member, in fact in the first month or so I power watched EVERYTHING!!! My lighting, posing and angles have improved phenomenally from what they used to be. And it’s not just the practical stuff, Maddy also teaches us how to run a better business to be fair, I’ve changed things up in my business and it’s given me so much more confidence in what I’m doing. Honestly, I cannot believe the small price I’ve paid for the effect it’s had on my business and my mind x

  10. Hannah Willis  

    If you are unsure to pay to enter this group, do NOT BE AFRAID. Absolute game changer. Maddy has been an asset to my business. I honestly can’t tell you through words how nice she is. Maddy is really honest with you. She gives you real CC, the amount of tips I have learnt in here is unbelievable.
    Not to mention how safe I feel in this group too. You don’t just invest in Maddy you invest in a real group of helpful people too. Your my photography family. I also recommend 1:1 training too. My work changed over night. Thank you so much Maddy x

  11. Mary  

    Had a 1-1 with maddy amd also a days group training . It was amazing and I learned so much . It’s gave me the confidence to raise prices and I’m already seeing the benefits .

  12. Karen Murden (verified owner)  

    Fantastic group, everything you need to start and more. Tons of videos that you can watch over and over and Maddy is always there to help out if you need it.
    I’ve been part of this group about a year now and the support from everyone is pretty amazing.
    Dont put it off any longer! Best decision you’ll make x

  13. Sharon Lewis  

    I think this is the best investment I have spent in all of the other learning and groups I belong too – and there is a lot 🙂 Maddy is always available to answer questions and share openly with everyone. The amount of resources available is astounding and for just the initial fee you would get that back 10x over in the amount of videos are information. The group is supportive and fun and it is one of the only groups I ensure that I keep up with and enjoy dropping in.

  14. Laura  

    An incredible group. A safe space to ask questions & get feedback. It’s a really supportive community – great for sharing ideas, learning new tips & tricks and just generally improving! I love the videos and the fact you can watch and rewatch.
    Worth its weight in gold!

  15. Amy Corcoran  

    I have attended and paid for various bits of newborn training in person and online. Maddy’s group is the best i have experienced. It is packed full of videos and information and if you ask Maddy a question she always takes the time to answer or critique. She doesn’t feed you BS. There’s no monthly fee and it feels like a really community.

  16. Bella  

    This is the best group there is! It is filled with enormous volume of resources and supportive group members to help you through your photographic journey; absolutely ZERO judgement. Do you need a business advise, how to deal with a client, how to settle an unsettled baby, how to wrap, pose, light.. and don’t even start me on camera angles! Maddy is insanely knowledgeable, always there to offer her help or constructive criticism. I have learned so much by simply following the group, watching Maddy’s videos and trying to follow the advise given. I cannot thank her enough. I’ve recently compared my images from before joining the group to now (only about 7 babies in) and I am so proud to have grown so much. My clients are in love with them! 🙂

  17. Lisa (verified owner)  

    Easily the best group for those wanting to improve their newborn photography. Very responsive to any questions your have and the video critique is is amazing. Maddy is so knowledgeable and the videos she does are really helpful to be able to watch and rewatch. Highly recommend

£15.00 / month with a 2-week free trial

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