LIVE Newborn Session

maddy rogers newborn session live

You will have access to a closed Facebook Group where you can watch Maddy do a FULL newborn session in REAL TIME!

The LIVE on APRIL 13th 2022 will start at 10am UK time.

There will be a gorgeous baby, and in true newborn style, theres no way to predict how things will go. You may well watch Maddy need to make changes to her flow for a fussy baby, or the baby may be amazing! The baby may spend some time awake too, and then you’ll see how Maddy works with that.

Maddy will cover –

  • How to style the session
  • Session structure
  • Posing table workflow
  • Lighting
  • Wrapping
  • Angles
  • Container posing
  • Prop transitioning
  • Parent posing
  • Soothing methods
  • How to read baby and make changes to your flow accordingly

You’ll be able to ask questions LIVE! Maddy will wear a head mic so she can be heard clearly talk through what she is doing and why, and answer your questions.

When you purchase access you’ll receive information on how to join the Group the day before the LIVE session.

To subscribers who signed up before March this is included in their subscription.


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