Newborn With Parents Images – Why You Should Do Them at Maddy Rogers Photography

If there is one thing that melts our hearts, it’s parent and newborn baby shots. However, these type of shots are often the ones that are the furthest from Mum and Dads minds. Feeling frazzled from the whirlwind that is caring for a brand new baby the last thing they often feel like doing is posing for the camera.


Mums especially worry about the shadows under their eyes, and can be embarrassed about their post baby weight – which lets be honest, unless you’re incredibly lucky, even the fittest of mums are still going to be carrying a bit of extra so soon after their body has done the incredible task of carrying a baby for 9 months!

And Dads can just feel awkward full stop when asked to pose, even though Dad and baby images are some of the most adorable things ever, when they can be persuaded to participate!


While we would never pressure anyone into having their photographs taken, we would also hate for there to be any regret. This time is so precious and fleeting. Your baby will never be this small again. Rather than have these images done for you, perhaps consider having them done for THEM. As something to look back on when they are older. Memories are priceless.

And here is a secret, Maddy is extremely experienced in making you look amazing. She’s is fab at making you feel comfortable and relaxed, knows ALL the right angles to hide any bits you don’t like, and furthermore , she has a magic wand in the form of her editing, to banish those under eye shadows. She really will give you the best parent and baby photos in Grimsby.


If you really can’t bear to be photographed, Maddy does have some special ideas that mean you can still be in the images with your little one without having to show your full face or body, while capturing something creative and incredible for them to look back on and see how loved and cherished they are.


If you are unsure, talk to us beforehand, check out examples of parent shots on the website and discuss with us what you’d like to achieve. On the day if you have any misgivings, speak to Maddy so she can ease any fears. Trust us, it will be worth it when you see your finished gallery!

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