Newborn Training Grimsby – Workshop or 1:1….which one should you choose?

Training is a very good move to make if you want to do my job, and not just because it should help you be safer around newborns, but because you’ll be given information on how to do it right, so you’ll want to get training you benefit from. Not everyone does, so don’t go assuming that because you attend a course that you’ll be able to pop off and get going earning money. People learn in different ways, and some take lots in, and some don’t.

Theres no guarantee you’ll be a success, but if you are hugely passionate about what you want to do you will stand more chance of getting good at it. Part of that passion has to be going about building your skills in a way thats right for you.

When it comes to training I think its important NOT to skimp. There is no regulation when it comes to training….anyone can do it. Doesn’t mean they should or are able to teach you properly or safely. So don’t be tempted to train with someone who’s cheap, or someone your Facebook group mates used because who are they to judge? They’re not you, and you don’t know them, so for all you know they’re absolutely clueless and going for the cheapest without knowing if its any good. Are you really prepared to pay hundreds to attend a workshop just because the trainer is flavour of the month on Facebook? How about choosing someone who’s work you adore? ย Do your own homework on training. And that starts with knowing how you learn best.

One thing I noticed when I held workshops of 12 people, is that there are always a big personality or two who ask all the questions, dominate the trainers time more, and then there are those at the back, too shy to be heard. A good workshop trainer will know this, look for it, and ensure everyone is included.

I recently trained a lady who told me she had completely wasted money on a group workshop. I asked why and she said the trainer ignored her, she couldn’t see, and she didn’t get any images as other people elbowed her out. l promise you that others on the same workshop will have loved it.

And there we have what for some, is the issue with group workshops. As a trainer its extremely tough to pitch your information in a way that means 12 people go away just as happy. You have to find a balance, and its impossible to equally cater for each attendee when some may already have the basic knowledge and be bored by it all being repeated and wonder what they paid for, and others are so new even the basics need repeating so its taken in.

Part of ensuring you get training you benefit from is knowing which kind to choose – 1:1 or group workshop? Might you be the one who comes away unhappy? If thats a risk is it worth spending the money on it? Yes you’ll still learn from it, but you may be like the lady who I trained….left wanting and soon booking a 1:1 where you’d learn exactly what you need.

This is why when I do large workshop training its for simple basic workflow and other skill sets to get you going. I want to give people the training they need….in a way thats right for them, at a pace thats right for them, and I can only do that really well on a 1:1 basis. For many many people a group setting is perfect for them, and there are plenty of workshops around for them to book on. If you want a more social event, the chance to meet like minded people sharing the same passion, then workshops are perfect.

A 1:1 training course is YOUR training alone. You share it with no one. It suits people who don’t like the idea of a workshop, or who just want to really tailor their learning. Some people use a workshop as an introduction to newborn photography, then book a 1:1 later for more in depth training.

For me personally 1:1’s are hugely satisfying, and unlike with large groups, I can offer ongoing support too. I like getting to know someone a little, share my passion, and make a huge difference I hope.

I think my message here is this. Whichever training you choose you need to invest wisely, and not be a sheep, because what works for others may not work for you.

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