Newborn Posing Trainer Lincolnshire: Rebecca Melbourne’s 2 Day Training

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Rebecca is relatively new to newborn photography, but had done a few sessions before she had her training. When she approached me to book she admitted that her biggest issue was her confidence. “Ah well”, l said..”thats sortable!”

Rebecca and hubby Rich have a nice space at their home to set up a good studio, and they plan to work together on this newborn venture, with Rebecca working with baby and Rich assisting and editing all the images. Sounds pretty perfect to me. It also meant I had two people to train, not just one. I don’t charge extra when the two are running the same business because, well, that wouldn’t be fair.

So, day one arrived and I started to set up. As they’re just starting out I took some of my own props to use, like a bowl, a crate, and a cute wire basket they wanted to steal. Model one was a cute little chap who slept like a dream and frankly made it all look a bit easy! I wrapped him and he zonked out. Job done! I did tell Rebecca that actually, if she prepares well and remains calm and collected the whole time 80% of her sessions will start like that. I find mine do. Its all about knowing how to start your session. Rebecca admitted she had been walking around with a naked baby in her arms for hours hoping it would sleep, and not really knowing how to read the baby, provide it with what it needed, or what to do if it didn’t sleep. Apparently she had also ended up climbing on top of the beanbag to try and settle a baby so she could pose. ( she will hate me but you can see an image of that below!)

Ah we’ve all been there!

Everything went really well and we managed a great set of images that l promised Rebecca she could achieve herself the next day. She didn’t believe me. There was that confidence issue rearing its head. So l left them after day 1 practicing for the next day, and promised day 2 would be a game changer for them.

Day 2 arrived, and Rebecca was so nervous she actually felt slightly sick! It wasn’t anything more than a lack of confidence, and she was convinced she wouldn’t be able to get the baby to sleep, and that me doing so on day 1 had been magic of some kind. l promised to put away my baby sleepy drops, and show her she could do it.

I used my StandInBaby to show Rebecca side by side how to wrap, and to her complete amazement, the model we had for day 2 slept. Right. Away. Like, immediately as she wrapped her. Ha…you should have seen the look on Rebecca’s face. It was great to be able to say “Told you!”

The best bit of day two was watching Rebecca’s confidence grow by the second. By the time we had finished she was on a roll of epic proportions, and apart form some guidance and tips along the way, I didn’t get to pose the baby once! Even the mum and grandma of the model commented on how much Rebecca blossomed as the day went on, and ended up seeing things that needed changing before I even managed to say anything. They felt totally confident with how she handled their baby girl, and really enjoyed themselves.

Rebecca nailed it frankly. She listened, learned and about an hour in turned to me and said “Oh wow……I don’t feel sick any more!”

Since the two days with me Rebecca and Rich are producing images that look like someone else took them compared to their earlier work. Totally blows me away to see people really growing from strength to strength after my training.

Also, Rebecca provided fab lunches and bakes a mean cake. Well done guys. 🙂

Here are some images they’ve taken since their training, along with some taken before……including the amazing beanbag soothing technique!

Not bad for 4 months between images.

Here is Rebecca’s review of her two day training with me.

“Our training with Maddy is something that we will never ever forget! A total game changer! She has made me think about so many things and I’ve come away from our training with tips, tricks and trade secrets – or so they seemed to me!
The first day; Maddy came to our studio and we discussed all what we would learn over a coffee, now I expected her to have a standard session that she would show me. Boy was I wrong! She had put so much effort into tailoring the training to exactly what I needed! Our first model arrived and I observed Maddy as she spoke to Mum and settled everybody in and explained what would happen. I then watched as Maddy had baby sleeping within minutes. Now this was like witchcraft to me – The hours I had spent trying to get a baby to sleep … let along try and pose!
I watched in awe and amazement as Maddy showed me how to make sure baby was safe at all times and went into great detail about how to use props and transition baby from one pose to another in great ease!
The session seemed to fly by and by the end of it I was panicking and worrying that it had all gone in one ear and out the other! After we had tidied up a little and gone to look at the images she had taken she went over some lightroom and photoshop info and she showed us how she would edit her images to get her style.
Once Maddy had left myself and rich (my husband and business partner) were on a high. We practiced wrapping (what I had observed) and posing our pretend baby in different props with different colours and backdrops. We were hooked.
Day two was my day to shine and with Maddy helping me to put into practice what I had learnt I felt so nervous! I won’t lie ….. now I’m not the most confident person so I knew this wasn’t going to be easy for me! Our second model came and Maddy helped me to wrap baby and guess what …. baby slept! Within minutes! Just like I had observed the day before! I did that! Me!! This is what Maddy had done! She had helped me to understand what this baby needed. How to read baby and soothe baby! This stood me in good stead to get baby into a whole variety of poses throughout the session! My confidence sky rocketed at around 30 minutes into the session! Even the mother and grandmother of our model commented on how I suddenly beamed with confidence!
Maddy did this for me! This is why I believe her training to be the absolute best. The elite of all training! She has helped my business immensely and has been the biggest asset! My training is still ongoing with Maddy, it doesn’t end in the studio. She gives me video critiques whenever I ask for them, she is always more than willing to spend a bit of time with me with any questions or queries I may have – no matter how silly I may think they are!
Maddy has an incredible aura about her, she tailors the session to you and makes you feel completely at ease! Anybody thinking about training then I can not recommend her enough! Her training will be the best investment you can make for your business!”



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