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A mentoring programme is an extension of a 1 or 2 day workshop or course that aims to give you more. A lot more.

Newborn photography is so different to other genres in so many ways. You can instruct an older child or adult in the studio. You can’t with a new baby. That means doing things very differently, and the skills required are perhaps like nothing you’ll have come across before.

The skills you need range from the obvious things like lighting, settings and angles, plus styling and using all the adorable props, to how to read the baby, keep them safe, comfortable and happy and of course, pose them.

So how do you learn these things? Well many learn slowly and as they go along, which is what I did nearly 10 years ago, but there was no training available to me back then. I had to pick things up and learn the hard way. Now of course you can attend any number of workshops or 1:1 courses with your chosen newborn photographer, me included.

But what if you wanted to keep learning, beyond one or two days?

Well now you can. You can sign up for my NEW mentoring programme designed to really dig deep into the nitty gritty depths of newborn photography and learn it all in chunks, rather than have to take it all in one one day.

There will be 6 classes over a year. Each class will cover something different, and in greater depth. You’ll be in a group and  will have much more chance to get involved and ask questions, and because its broken down, you’ll have more time to take notes, take photos, and take it all in.

Your course will have people you’ll get to know across the year as they will attend all the classes with you, and you will all be in a closed Facebook course long group where you can support each other, and take part in homework that will be set throughout the course, just to really get you growing.

This programme is meant to help you learn better but also to allow me to see your weaknesses and help you with them as the course goes on. By the end of the course you and I should see real improvements in your work, and my hope is you’ll then go on to really grow.

Not only that, but to help you during and way after the course, you’ll get FREE access to the Facebook Mentoring Group, which would normally cost you £65

You can find out about the group HERE



CLASS 1 – Client relationship, booking, planning and preparation. 

The first class in the starting point of the course, and covers the starting points of your clients relationship with you. The admin, the contracts, how to do all the stuff that sets you up for business. We will talk about first contact and how to develop a client relationships and make them work for you and have people coming back again and again.

CLASS 2 – Reading the baby, posing bed & wrapping for smooth workflow and transitions. 

Class 2 and we have our first real model to talk about reading a baby, responding to its needs to ensure a smooth session. Here I will teach you how to wrap. I’ll ask you to bring a baby sized floppy doll on this day so while I wrap the real baby, you can copy me. This means I can see how you get on and help you refine your wrapping for greater success. I will also use the posing bed/beanbag and show you a basic workflow and how to transition between poses easily and safely, as well as cover angles and lighting.

CLASS 3 – Containers, props, composites and hanging shots

Buckets, crates, chairs, bowls…you name it. I’ll show safe use of these, how to prepare them for use, and how to transition between them without waking up the baby, and how to use each prop to best effect. We will also cover lighting angles to get the very best from these images.

CLASS 4 – Parents and siblings.

Parent and sibling shots are always a winner and so this day we will have a family to pose for us. I’ll show you how to really get the best from these images using lighting and angles. We will cover several way to pose parents including just using their hands for the more shy in front of the camera.

CLASS 5 – Culling, editing and gallery design

This day we wrap up your course with a day of editing, plus we talk about culling a gallery for impact, how to design a gallery to increase sales and the psychology of pricing and selling to parents.

CLASS 6 – Emma Sohl’s Marketing Class.

* What do you sell? How do you sell it? The importance of language.

* Facebook – posts and adverts. How to target the right people, what language to use, how to get them to bite.

* Step by step FB Ad Creation

* Website – what makes a good user experience, seo basics (including alt-tags, site speed, backlinks and anything else i can think of), turn-offs that loose you potential clients.

* Tools to help your website run well

* Blogging – how to do it right. What to include to make it count.

* Instagram – posting, scheduling, hashtags

* In person – stalls at shows. How to choose where to exhibit, and what to do to get clients to book. Networking.

* Lead Schemes: what works and what doesn’t.

* Customer communication – how to communicate persuasively, without sounding like a car salesman.

You’ll leave with an action plan to implement in your own business, plus you’ll be added to a members only FB group with ongoing support and advice


Well I can imagine you are wondering about being able to attend all 6 classes. The date for the first one is set, but thats all. At the end of the first class we will sit together and arrange the next class as a group, and so on. This means we will all be able to pick a date everyone can attend, around 8-12 weeks apart.


This course will cost 185….per class.

Yes…ONLY 185 every 8-12 weeks. Thats it. Not a huge sum to find up front….only the first class fee is payable to secure your place on this programme for a year, then you pay 2 weeks before the next class.



“Maddy is an excellent trainer. I have had training with her before and this was a huge factor in choosing her for this year’s training. She did not disappoint. Able to cope with any situation thrown at her, it has provided me with extra skills that I did not have before.” – CARLI ADAMS

“I can’t thank Maddy enough for her consistent help and support throughout this programme. She’s helped break things down in terms of angles, lighting and posing rather than trying to tackle it all at once. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to progress within all aspects of their newborn photography business!” – HANNAH LUCY SMITH

“I have really enjoyed the mentoring programme, it covers a wide range of practical photography and business topics. Each session covers the right amount of material so that you have adequate opportunity to ask questions and absorb, none of the trying to learn it all in 6hrs. The use of newborn models in sessions is so helpful as they are all different you get to see different settling techniques to! It’s been invaluable for me, I have learnt so much and made a number of photographer friends too!” – CHARLOTTE BASS

“Since starting the mentoring course with Maddy I have changed so much about my business! I have streamlined my paperwork and client experience, raised my prices and am selling more products and working less to earn more. More importantly though for me is I’m producing newborn images I’m actually really proud of and know I deserve to be paid well for. My workflow has changed, I’m more confident handling babies safely and my sessions are quicker and more successful. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know Maddy and the other attendees over the year, we’ve built a really lovely group and I know we’ll all keep in touch!” – JILL GARVIE

“Maddy’s mentoring programme was the perfect mix of different skills and techniques. She demonstrated every part of newborn photography, and was really happy to tailor each session to what the group requested, too. She covered the posing bed, props, parent posing and a lot more besides, in great detail and as many times as we needed to get it right! Some of the sessions were interactive and we could use our cameras to get the shots, whereas some were more about watching and learning – a great balance, and really useful to photographers at all stages of their business.” – EMMA SOHL


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