Newborn Mentoring & 1:1 Training Lincolnshire – Rebecca Warwick

I’ve known Rebecca for some years now, and she attended a group workshop when I trained with The Newborn Workshops. She has always wanted 1:1 training with me, and she finally did!

Aside form the fact it was good to catch up, we also had a fab two days full of brilliant posing and she learned so much.

As Rebecca has been photographing newborns for around the same amount of time that I have, she didn’t need to learn the basics, and requested I teach her soothing and settling, help her with wrapping and some more advanced posing.

So baby Phoebe was our first model, and she was a little star for me. She was just 7 days old and I’m pretty sure she simply wanted to burrow into the ground as far as she could. She was still so curly and adorable.

Day 2 and Rebecca took over with gorgeous baby Freddie was her model.

This is where Rebecca really started to learn. I was able to spot changes she could make in how she works to improve her sessions. I helped her handle the baby better, improve how she wraps, and also how to be more confident in herself. The results speak for themselves!

She very quickly found her groove, found her angles, worked more confidently and relaxed too.

These images were styled, wrapped and posed by Rebecca, and photographed and edited by me.

Its so rewarding to see someone grow in that way, and judging by her awesome review, I’d say she’s going to see huge changes in her work.

Here she is working beautifully with little Freddie.

Review by Rebecca Warwick

“I’m just going to put this as it is. Just BOOK the training with Maddy. I have been trained in large groups, by some of the top newborn photographers across the globe. But Maddy gave me one thing, they couldn’t. She gave me 1:1 and hands on. Both are invaluable. Maddy is down to earth, funny and sharp witted, she observed my posing techniques and took me further. She unblocked my own worries about flow posing, settling babies and wrapping.

She gave me confidence in my OWN abilities  too. This is my main take away from the course with Maddy. She has reminded me of my own confidence and all the good things I already do in sessions….and she honed them. My very first studio sessions since the training have seen me coming across as more knowledgeable, confident and secure in my approach and technique. As such the babies have been better settled and I am achieving poses I couldn’t manage previously. Added to this, the retouching section of the training was an eye opener! So many light bulb ‘aha’ moments! I still have a long way to go, but Maddy has given me the confidence to keep on believing and improving.

Thank you so much wonderful lady!”

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