My 50th Birthday Cake Smash – Maddy Rogers Photography Grimsby


What happens when a newborn and baby photographer from little Grimsby town has a 5oth birthday and wants to do something a little different? This does! A cake smash!

Of course I am celebrating in the usual way too, like dinner with my husband, girly night out, tapas and cocktails with friends, even a surprise party was had, but I thought this would be a great way to celebrate in style!

I’m lucky to have a great friend who is also a great photographer and who was very much up to the challenge! The lovely Shellie Wall gifted me the session, plus cake and images for my birthday, and I’m so grateful.

I am going to choose a few of my favourites and get them on the wall! Be rude not to I reckon!

There is a standing joke between my friends that I can sound a bit ‘posh’, but mostly only posh like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous. Do look it up if you’ve not seen it. Its a classic comedy show, and a firm favourite of mine.

In the show Patsy drinks copious amounts of Bollinger with her friend Edina, so it seemed only right I treated myself to a bottle for this shoot! I must say its rather delicious!!

What cake smash would be complete without the cake actually being smashed? Yup, had to happen! It was yummy, and between us we ate pretty much all of it!

Shellie then decided to get the glitter out and this was the end of the session! Loads of sparkles!

Happy birthday to me!


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