Maddy Rogers Newborn Training 2018 – The Story So Far

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It’s no secret my newborn training, which includes hands on training in a 2 day course, is the talk of the town. I struck on the one thing people wanted….to do it themselves, right there, with me teaching. Watching is one thing, but doing it is how you learn best.

I’ve had a crazy few months providing among the best newborn training for people from all over the UK. Its been huge fun, and l’ve met some lovely people and snuggled gorgeous baby models too…..and its not over yet.


There was a time when workshops were what everyone wanted, mostly due to them being easy for beginners to afford. However, the last few years have seen a shift to 1:1’s. For those seeking training it would seem the workshop may have had its day.

Aside from famous photographers who gather groupies who just want to see them at work, the more serious about learning now understand the benefits of a personal learning experience from someone they not only admire, but who clearly knows what they are doing, and can teach it well.

I created a training experience with the chance for the student to perform a full session themselves, and the more people do it, the more people are seeing the obvious benefits. 

Bespoke training courses speak for themselves, and because l also offer the Mentoring support in as closed group after training, people are not alone going forward. Its such a fun community and anyone can join who’s keen to learn. With over 150 members now, its a buzzing learning zone. You can see more HERE.


Apart from 1:1 training l also did a great workshop at the studio of Gary Hill of Art of the Portrait. We had a super fun day with two gorgeous models and families. 

Huge thanks to Rich and Rebecca Melbourne for the assistance and pullbacks.


My plans for the remainder of this year include more 1:1 courses, and also the start of my Mentoring Programme.

This NEW concept aims to really break down newborn training, and dig deep into each aspect, dedicating six classes spread across a year to chunks of learning, rather than briefly covering everything in one day.

This is so exciting and I hope it is really successful! You can read about how it works HERE. 


Rebecca Melbourne

Kay Coughlin

Kimberley Williams

Hannah Neech

Chloe Young

Allison Dench

Charlie Martell-Doy

Rebecca Warwick

Sarah thew

Brooke Duley

Brendan Taylor

Selina Skinner

Laura Wills

Kathryn Hill

Jay Saunders

Hannah Teasdale

Marina Art

Estelle Wiltshire

Vicki Luck

Kayley Rogers

Roxanne Mann

Kelly Rodgers

Amy Biggar

Tianna Jarret-Williams

Lauren Reynolds-Williams

Claire Butler

Julia Healey

Jodie Whichelow-Tapping

Suzy Demetriou

Heres what they’ve been saying about their training from me. 


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“I’m just going to put this as it is. Just BOOK the training with Maddy. I have been trained in large groups, by some of the top newborn photographers across the globe. But Maddy gave me one thing, they couldn’t. She gave me 1:1 and hands on. Both are invaluable. Maddy is down to earth, funny and sharp witted, she observed my posing techniques and took me further. She unblocked my own worries about flow posing, settling babies and wrapping.

She gave me confidence in my OWN abilities  too. This is my main take away from the course with Maddy. She has reminded me of my own confidence and all the good things I already do in sessions….and she honed them. My very first studio sessions since the training have seen me coming across as more knowledgeable, confident and secure in my approach and technique. As such the babies have been better settled and I am achieving poses I couldn’t manage previously. Added to this, the retouching section of the training was an eye opener! So many light bulb ‘aha’ moments! I still have a long way to go, but Maddy has given me the confidence to keep on believing and improving.

Thank you so much wonderful lady!”


“Last year Rebecca and I decided to take the plunge and make a go of photography. Being local to Maddy we had heard of her and had seen her work. We knew that if we could get to be half as good as her then we would be happy. We already knew of another photographer local in the area who put us in some photography groups. Sure enough Maddy was there offering advice to others. Rebecca kept saying to me that she wanted Maddy training. The training was booked and the rest is history! We have noticed a huge increase in bookings and revenue. Maddy offers something we haven’t seen in other trainers and that’s continual, ongoing support and mentoring. Don’t expect her to blow smoke up your arse for the sake of it. If she likes your image she will tell you, if she deems areas for improvement she will tell you. She’s non judgemental and won’t laugh at you or your work. She will help you and laugh with you. Photography is a journey and you won’t find anyone better than Maddy to be on that journey with. Apart from me.”


“I’m very new to photography still and I have found that often this journey is a lonely one as not many professional photographers are accepting of new photographers. Then in stepped Maddy. I came across her in a photography group and her name kept popping up offering help and advice. This lady runs her own very successful business yet still spends so much of her time mentoring others. I heard about her mentoring group and I knew I had to join – I needed more Maddy in my life. The group is invaluable from the videos she posts which are so helpful, to the challenges she sets in them. For example just a few weeks ago I had never ever touched photoshop and Maddy set a challenge to do a composite in Photoshop. This gave me the push to give it a go and wow – I did it! Maddy is always there to offer advice and encouragement. She doesn’t sugar coat everything which is what you need as a beginner and she wants to help you improve.

I cannot explain how invaluable her group is and I’ve since booked her in for my two days of training and I know that is going to excel my photos and business to another level. I’m so glad I found her.”


“I first encountered Maddy Rogers on a fervent search to find myself THE best newborn trainer in the business. All roads seemed to lead to her.
Her images are just exquisite and safety is her number one priority, so to find she was offering access to a private, life long, mentoring group, with regular ‘how to’ vids from an epic 3.5hr full newborn session to videos on photoshop editing techniques was incredible. I don’t think she knows what a truly valuable resource she is to me and the other members of the group!
She is happy to answer any question at all, and quickly and simply explained to boot!
Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Maddy explains it beautifully as well as really building your confidence. I’m so impressed I’ve booked a 1:1 with her!”


“Booking my 2 days 121 training with Maddy was the best thing I ever did. I didn’t do it based on any recommendations, it was purely researching and I felt like she was the best and would be a good fit for me. I also liked the fact that day 1 I was able to observe Maddy work and then day 2 it was my turn. With having no previous experience, I was pretty apprehensive and nervous but Maddy was absolutely amazing! She made me feel completely at ease from the moment I arrived. Of course, baby’s safety was the first priority so there was no tricky poses, just simple posing bed and containers. This is a very hands on training session and I learnt so much, I didn’t want to start doing model calls or taking bookings until I had some training behind me, but after having these 2 days with Maddy, I felt so confident, I had a friends baby’s session 2 days later and it went absolutely amazing, I even managed to do potato sack perfectly first time! I also joined Maddy’s Facebook mentoring group as I wanted to make sure I was keeping up with my progress and this has blew my mind with the amount of knowledge that is available. Hands down the best £65 I have even spent.”


“I have known Maddy and admired her work for quite a few years now including doing her group workshop a long time ago. I have been doing newborn photography for a while now and attended other courses too, including one with a fab photographer from the US, but I really wanted a hands on course to perfect skills and also learn a few new things too. Maddy’s 1:1 course was fantastic as it was over two days, one day watching her do her thing and the next day it was my turn! What I learnt was really invaluable and I believe has changed my workflow and also reinvigorated my newborn work. So far my newborn sessions have also taken less time due to her advice, which she was very open with in her training, both taking the images and also post production work. I most certainly recommend Maddy’s 1:1 training to take your newborn photography to the next level!”


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