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So you’re having your human baby photographed for a set of amazing images to capture their arrival in to your home, and you’ll have some baby photos with the new arrival….but there is someone missing!

The other baby you have…the dog!

Dogs really are part of the family, so when your baby arrives you’ll be snapping away at home with the dog in shot, if you’re fast enough with the phone camera.

But what about including him in your newborn session?

Yeah, why not?

Recently we did exactly this with little Hattie and her big brother, the very proud and handsome Hector, the Hungarian Vizsla.

Now, he is a big dog, and being a dog, pretty much all he thinks about is food, so there were treats held, hidden, and hunted for, until we managed to get Hector where l needed him to be. We didn’t let baby Hattie be near him at this stage, so it was just hector and an empty prop.

When Hector was done dad took him home, and we then carried on with baby Hattie’s session.

I then used clever trickery to get the two of them in the shot at the same time. I was keen to make sure Hattie stayed safe, and while l’m sure Hector wouldn’t have knowingly hurt her, it wouldn’t have been safe to leave her in that prop while hector was bouncing around hunting for food.

So yeah, if you really would love your dog to be included in your newborn session, talk to us.


This week l’d like to shout out the lovely and awesomely talented Sunshine Coast family photographer, Brooke down in Australia. She has this amazing idea where she offers gorgeous sessions for families who are on holiday in her area. When you see where she lives you’ll see why!

What a wonderful idea! To see her beautiful family sessions on the Sunshine Coast just click!

10 Responses

  1. Pets are part of the family, so its great to see you allow them in the studio and its amazing how you create the images from a safety aspect

  2. I love how the dog shows how tiny the baby is! They’re part of the family too so I think it’s great that you include them.

  3. I love that your photograph the dog too. They’re such a big part of our families. You’ve included this gorgeous doggie so beautifully in this newborn photoshoot!

  4. Ahhh now I’ve photographed dogs and I’ve photographed babies but I’ve never photographed dogs and babies together….. Yet lol My sister has a vizlar, they are beautiful dogs with a lovely temprement, great images as always

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