2019 Round Up – What a Year at Maddy Rogers Photography!

2019 round up!

Happy New Year! And what a year 2019 was for Maddy Rogers Photography – just when you think you can’t possibly cram more into a year you go and do exactly that!

We welcomed no less than 111 newborns into the studio throughout 2019, 111 gorgeous, squishy newborns and Maddy fell in love a little with each and every one of them. Thanks to Maddy keeping ahead of her game in terms of researching gorgeous new styles, poses and props she was able to create incredible galleries for every customer, and received many glowing reviews which just push her to continue to flourish and shine in her work. 2020 is already looking to be another busy year for newborns, so if you are expecting a little one, make sure you secure your slot to avoid disappointment!

The studio also saw lots of our beautiful stylised sit and giggle and cake smash sessions, as well as our limited edition xmas sessions towards the end of the year.

Newborn training was HUGE in 2019, with Maddy training 16 people on 2 day training courses, some in her own studio and others she travelled to. All of whom had training tailored to their specific needs, dependent on their level of experience and what they wanted to learn.

We are already FULL until July 2020 for 1:1 training, pop here find out more https://www.maddyrogers-photography.co.uk/training/11-training/

The Maddy Rogers Real Time Newborn Session and Mentoring Group for newborn photographers doubled in size throughout 2019, and will be closing it’s doors to new members soon to give us chance to focus on the existing members over the next few months, never fear , we will be re-opening but if you haven’t joined already and don’t want to wait then you can join here https://www.maddyrogers-photography.co.uk/training/mentoring-group/ until January 31st.

As the name suggests, offering real time newborn sessions, tutorial videos, critique, advice and support, can you afford not to be a part of it?

Maddy also held a workshop in Scotland and one in Ireland as part of the The Northern Ireland Photography Convention and attended a Baby show in England (for fun!)

2019 also saw Maddy successfully running her first 2 Mentoring programme. Six incredible classes, spaced over a year teaching 14 people in two groups, and covering everything newborn related! The 2020 Mentoring Programme begins on Friday the 7th of February and there are still a few spaces left, find out more and read reviews here: https://www.maddyrogers-photography.co.uk/newborn-mentoring-programme-2020-maddy-rogers-specialist-trainer/

Of course we can’t forget all the hours over the year that Maddy spent editing, sourcing new props, processing orders, looking for fresh new ideas and her favourite part, showing customers their finished, edited galleries, especially if they elicit a happy tear or two!

Finally, on a more serious note, Maddy became a retoucher for Remember My Baby, wanting to give something back using the skills she has picked up over the years in her dream job, and being able to help ease the suffering of those unfortunate enough to lose a baby.

All in all 2019 was busy, exhausting and amazing and we hope for more of the same in 2020 (except maybe a little less exhausting!)


As always l like to give a worthy mention to another photographer in my blogs. This time its to the very worthy Claire Butler Photography, who does fabulous baby photography in Belfast.

Claire as written her own blog and today its on the business side of newborn photography. Its a great article on what really goes on when you have taken baby home. It’s a lot more than you think, so pop over and take a look!

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