1:1 Newborn Training – Your Studio or Mine? One day or two?

My bespoke 1:1 training has really taken off in the last few years, with me being half full for 2019 before 2018 was even over. Tailored to suit your level of expertise and to ensure you learn exactly what you need to the sessions are proving incredibly popular.

I offer training at both my own studio and will also travel to yours (for fuel and accommodation costs) and many of the enquires I receive are wondering which would suit them best.

There are a few things to bear in mind when considering training in your own studio, upon enquiry, my assistant, Lou will ask you for images of your studio space, so we can determine how suitable it is for training, she will ask you if you think you would be able to successfully source models (with our help of course) and what props and equipment you have.

If all of this shows you have a suitable studio then it’s entirely down to you where you choose training to take place. In your own studio, you have the advantage of not having to travel prior to training , so are fresh and ready on the day. You are able to learn how to work in your own environment and make the best use of your space, and your own props. I will happily bring a selection of my own props to supplement what you have if necessary, but the emphasis will be on teaching you to work with what you have available to you.

Another advantage is you placing the model call can bring up a host of local potential clients for you, or other models to put into practice what you’ve learned in the weeks following your training.

If you choose my studio, whether it be because you have no studio of your own, yours isn’t suitable or you just fancy a cheeky couple of days away then there are also advantages there.

You get to see how I work in my own space , how I use my extensive range of props and get a general feel for how things are run. You wont need to arrange the models as Lou and I will sort all that prior to your arrival. And of course, there are some nice little hotels nearby! You may relish a few days away from home. And you get to try my famous lunches πŸ˜‰

At the end of the day, I’m happy to do either, provided the studio requirements are met, so it’s down to you to decide what option suits you best in terms of your development.

When it comes to choosing 1 or 2 days, that again is down to you. However I do see many trainees that do the 1 day option who say they wish they’d booked 2 days , with many returning at a later date to complete the longer course.

I’d say the 1 day is perhaps great as a refresher if you’ve already trained with me (as again it is tailored to your needs so you tell ME what you want to learn) whereas the 2 day has the advantage of having hands on experience on day 2, while everything is still fresh in your mind from day 1 and with me there to guide. That’s not to say the 1 day can’t be incredibly useful on your newborn photography journey, just that in terms of getting as much from it as possible, popular opinion is that the 2 day is the most useful.

You can see details of all training options and more in depth information on what to expect on the training page of the website www.maddyrogers-photography.co.uk as well as read reviews from previous trainees.

You can email Lou, my Assistant, with any questions and to discuss your training needs via the website.

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